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Carpentry is an art. Let us design for you!

Manhattan Carpenters - Services

At Manhattan Carpenters, we provide efficient, expertly executed carpentry solutions for businesses and private households. Our clients include domestic households, property developers, property management, building and construction companies, commercial contractors and architects. We have considerable knowledge of architectural drawings and design solutions to suit individual needs and styles. Many of our clients require us to work to tight schedules and strict tolerances for their high specification work.

Built-in Wardrobes

Looking for a way to increase your home storage space? A built-in wardrobe can considerably help you to neatly organize your belongings. Manhattan Carpenters can specifically design a made to measure wardrobe for you to perfectly fit in any area or unused space. Without gaps or open spaces around the cupboard, it will seamlessly blend within your room. So not only pleasing for the eye, our built-in wardrobe will also provide an individual smart storage solution.

Natural Wood Shelves

Want to create unique atmosphere at home? Not sure if painted IKEA shelves are the best choice for you? Then you might want to consider fitting shelves made of solid natural wood. We can offer natural wood shelving units made of different wood types, specifically designed to meet your needs. Natural and simply beautiful solid wood shelves can match perfectly almost any interior - from classic to ultra-modern.

Doors Installation

Are any of your front or interior doors badly damaged, rotten, draughty, or failing to meet current fire safety standards? Are you simply looking for another style, or do want to increase their security features? If you are considering upgrading one or more doors, then it's high time to hire professionals to do this job. Manhattan Carpenters can help you install appropriate wooden doors, handles and hinges. If a standard size door won't work for you, then we can provide a made to measure door and frame which will fit perfectly.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are much more good-looking & hygienic than carpeted floors. Hardwood flooring can offer a commercial or domestic property an extremely tough and long lasting surface, and fantastic value for money as they rarely need to be replaced and can just be re-finished.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Manhattan Carpenters offers everything - from kitchen design & remodeling ideas, to detailed kitchen plans - helping you achieve your perfect style. Our kitchens cover the latest trends and concepts, from ultra modern to traditional country designs and more.

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